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Sanitization and Clean-up Services in Appleton, WI

Sanitization and Clean-up Services In Appleton, WI

Sanitization and clean-up services for residential and commercial properties are geared toward giving you a safer, healthier, and cleaner environment. When looking to clean any surface, you may be able to get rid of most germs and mold spores on surfaces by wiping them down. But quite often, bacteria, viruses, and mold seeds remain in the air as well. They also have a way of getting into small, unseen corners of your property that your wipes can not reach.

911 Restoration understands the dangers that these corners can present and therefore adopts a very thorough process for sanitizing your property. We use fogging sprays with advanced disinfectants, ready to help you get rid of COVID-19 and a range of other germs in one go. Our process involves spraying the cleaners in the air and the corners in such a way that tiny droplets remain in the air and cover the surface completely. This gives you a more thorough clean-up service. 

The cleaner also makes its way deep into the cracks that you can’t reach normally. From absorbing into clothes and into the drywall, the cleaner goes deep into surfaces. They also dry up quickly to ensure there is no damage to your property. This process has proven to be reliable against even the strongest germs and model spores, including helping you with coronavirus clean up service. 

911 Restoration in Appleton helps you create clean rooms in residential and commercial properties alike. We can help with research labs as well as places after hazard clean-up services. The service is also very useful after any type of water damage and mold removal on your property. You can call us any time of the day and any day of the week. We are available 23/7/365, including on holidays.

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The 911 Restoration Clean-up Service Process in Appleton, WI

To give you better coverage and lasting protection, our clean-up service in Appleton adopts a complete approach. This helps us give every customer a germ-free area for a long time. To do this, we create a clean-up mist that offers deep cleaning and clean-up on a micro scale! Cleaner fogging kills off 99.99% of germs, creating a much safer area.

These cleanup mists go well beyond what regular cleanup services do as they infuse hydrogen peroxide with the sanitizer to ensure that the disinfectant can tackle a broad range of germs, ensure homogenous distribution, and most importantly, offer long-lasting protection. This new environment gives you and your property a Fresh Start by eradicating the risk of you contracting any disease. 

When you hire IICRC-certified experts from 911 Restoration of Appleton, you can expect a thorough germ removal service that uses safe and non-toxic sanitizers. These chemicals are safe not just for you but for your pets, plants, and the general environment as well. When you hire us and agree to the service, we make a point of ensuring that every surface and every corner is thoroughly coated with disinfectant. 

You can practically see the fog once we are done. It takes 12-16 hours for the disinfectant to seep into the walls, but the fog will settle within a few minutes, hence ensuring maximum safety. Once the fog has settled, feel free to roam around the room after disinfecting yourself as well. The best part is that even as the disinfectant settles, it will not disturb you, even if you have a sensitive nose, nor will it leave any stains!

Why Choose 911 Restoration For Sanitization and Clean-up Services in Appleton, WI

The disinfectant 911 Restoration uses has been proven to be effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, including drug-resistance variants. We are proud to say that we can also ensure disinfection against the COVID-19 virus and its mutations! Furthermore, here are some reasons why we are among the best clean-up service companies out there:

We Implement a Targeted Action Plan 

The smallest mistakes in the cleaning process can prove costly in the long run. We are a company that creates targeted plans to stop the spread of germs, mold, and other diseases. This includes offering:

  • Free Home (or Property) Inspections. Our trained experts survey your site and surrounding area to understand the damage. We create targeted clean-up plans according to the information we collect.
  • Deep Cleaning (Removal). We clean all exposed surfaces thoroughly and scrub them for better health. We adopt cleaning methods based on the damage. For example, water damage restoration and sewage backup cleanup involve air pumps, vacuums, and more.
  • Clean up. We use some of the best disinfectants and cleaners in the market for you. This helps us get rid of germs and other diseases quickly. We remove all smells to get rid of the stuffy and musty smells of mold and water damage from your living and working spaces. 

We Ensure Compliance & Safety

Mold, viruses, and other diseases such as coronavirus are health hazards present at all times. We give property owners a better chance of using more advanced clean-up treatments to quickly get rid of the threat. 

It is necessary to find clean-up service companies that have IICRC-certified teams. By working with professionals who are well trained, you can rest easy that we are following all the rules and regulations needed before becoming 911 Experts. You can expect the same level of dedication and quality when they come to your house for cleanup.

We also follow EPA and CDC guidelines to ensure everything gets done according to your needs and requirements. Following their rules allows us to make sure that there is no risk of disease and keeps them under control during and after sanitization and clean-up services in Appleton. 

We Use Better Equipment & Processes

It does not matter whether there is water damage, smoke and fire damage, or mold infestation. 911 Restoration helps you get rid of health hazards with better gear and processes. By using such equipment, we are able to help you get many benefits, such as:

  • Quick and better cleaning 
  • Peace of mind and a Fresh Start
  • Noiseless clean-up and treatment
  • 100% germ-free cleaning service 
  • Better maintenance of the affected area 

Each project begins with a detailed checking of the recovery area followed by deep cleaning. If you think your house, room, or any other place has been exposed to the virus, do not hesitate to call 911, Restoration of Appleton! We will come right over with the necessary equipment – within 45 minutes – and perform thorough sanitization and clean-up services in Appleton immediately!

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