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Sewage Backup Cleanup in Appleton, WI

A sewer system is a crucial part of the urban infrastructure. However, when this system gets clogged or blocked, trouble is inevitable. Sewage backup in Appleton is an emergency as wastewater inside your home or office can pose property and health damage. The situation is unpleasant and extremely dangerous because the sewer water is highly contaminated with pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. Long-term exposure to sewer water can also be life-threatening. Therefore, act fast. So, if you’re searching for experts in sewage backup near me, call us.

At 911 Restoration of Appleton, we are professionals cleaning and restoring properties after a sewer backup situation. Give us a chance to help you. You will be delighted with our expertise and the sense of urgency to handle sewage cleanup in Appleton.

Top Causes for Sewer Backup in Appleton, WI

There can be many reasons for sewage backup in Appleton; some of the top causes, however, are:

  • Blockages in the drain pipes or main sewer lines beneath the ground can be due to sources like grease, solid materials, and hair. 
  • When sewer pipes are old, they may experience damage quite easily, which causes sewage backup.
  • Tree roots can grow with time and reach the pipes, which may cause block the pipelines and cause a sewage backup.
  • Though a large amount of rain is not a problem for the municipal sewer system, it can be a problem when a flood forms. The excess water can travel to the residential sewage pipes and create a backflow in your home.

Among the signs to identify a sewage backup in my area are:

  • Multiple clogged drains
  • Bubbles near the drain
  • Difficulty in flushing
  • Water backflow

No matter the cause of sewage backup in Appleton, you can count on us for expert and quick assistance. Our sewage backup clean-up techs can assist you at every step of the process, thereby restoring your property to its previous state in the fastest time with safety and responsibility.

Certified Sewage Backup Cleanup Services in Appleton, WI

At 911 Restoration of Appleton, we strive to provide every client with excellent sewage cleanup service with unmatched support, care, and compassion. We equip our experts with the latest tools and technologies and certify them through IICRC, enabling our techs to provide top-notch cleanup services to your complete satisfaction.

Our professionals arrive at your premises in 45 minutes or less and take care of all aspects of the sewer backup in Appleton. As we come geared in PPE suits, our crew starts the job fast and performs deep cleaning. We make sure to clear the wastewater from your property responsibly without causing further damage or harm to anyone. Next, we disinfect, sanitize, and clean everything inside, ensuring there is no contamination. We may even dispose of carpets and furnishings if they are contaminated and can’t be cleaned. After the clean-up job is complete, we perform repairs as necessary and give you a green signal when we think your property is safe to occupy.

How Do You Know That You Are About To Get Sewage Backup in Appleton, WI?

There are many signs that you should keep in mind to help you understand that you are about to get sewage backup in Appleton. Some of these include:

Multiple Plumbing Clogs

This happens when something disrupts the connection between the main sewage lines of your property. You may find that all or several of the pipes on your property start clogging. If the clogging becomes too much, you can expect sewage backup and overflow. One way 911 Restoration experts can check if something is wrong is that they look at the entire plumbing system at once.

Some warning signs to look for here are:

  • The toilet may not flush
  • You may start hearing gurgling sounds from the pipes. 
  • You may see bubbles rising from the drain pipes in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Our experts may pour a bucket of water into the gutter. This bucket may take some time to drain.
  • The toilet waste may not go down all the way at once. This may lead to wastage of water or waste building up in the pipes before a sewage backup. 

It is better to ask professional water restoration experts for advice to reduce the need for sewer backup cleanup in Appleton.

Soap Bubbles On Sink & Bath Surface After Draining

The water level in the toilet might rise or you may hear gurgling sounds before a plumbing emergency. Our experts may pour soapy water into your sink to see if any soap residue is left after the water has drained. 

This happens because the water might collect in the basin instead of it getting drained. Instead of traveling down, the soap may start settling on the surface. The same is true for bathtubs. This might happen because of an unknown blockage in the pipes. 911 Restoration takes this as an incoming sewage issue.

However, sometimes this may be because of trapped air in the pipes. Our IICRC-certified experts have the tools to check for this malfunction and fix it right away. You may not need sewage backup cleanup or water damage restoration as a result!

Poor Showerheads & Bathtub Fixtures 

Tubs and showerheads are the second most likely fixtures we look at before a potential sewage backup cleanup job. It’s because they are situated at a slightly lower position than the sink drains. 911 Restoration experts also look for other signs of a sewage backup about to occur. These include:

  • Any major clogs in the pipes
  • Brown water whenever you turn on the tap
  • Black overflow from sinks and bathtubs. 
  • Bad smells from gutters and showers

At 911 Restoration of Appleton, our techs also assist you with insurance paperwork and consultation. We understand that a sudden emergency like sewage backup in Appleton can be mentally and financially stressful. Therefore, we help you file your claim to make it easier for you to restore your property without a big dent in your pocket.

Call us for expert assistance today. Don’t wait for sewage water to contaminate your belongings and the entire home. Act fast to curtail the damage and restore your property.

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